The Truly Jewish Constitutional Party

P.O. Box 23678, Jerusalem 91236 Israel

Tel. 972-054-407581а а Fax: 972-2-586-0141 а аE-mail: Yamin22@netvision.net.il




Yamin Israel advocates:


nа Regional elections to make Knesset members individually accountable to the voters;

nа A 4% electoral threshold to prevent the fragmentation of the Nation, the Knesset, and the Cabinet;

nа Presidential nomination and parliamentary confirmation of Supreme Court judges toаааааа make them more responsive to Jewish public opinion;

nа A market economy that allows the workerТs wages to be supplemented by shares in his company;

nа Citizen review boards to prevent bureaucratic tyranny;

nа Civilian parole boards to preclude unwarranted release of terrorists;

nа Enfranchisement of Israelis living abroad to increase the power of the Jewish vote;

nа Enforcement of Basic Law: The Knesset, which prohibits any party that negates the Jewish character of the State;

nа A constitution that facilitates Jewish leadership, fosters secular-religious harmony, secures civil and religious liberty, and promotes Jewish national pride and purpose.






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