Preprint 1997-035

Oleinik Type Estimates and Uniqueness for n x n Conservation Laws

A. Bressan and P. Goatin

Abstract: Let $u_t + f(x)_x =0$ be a strictly hyperbolic $n\times n$ system of conservation laws in one space dimension. Relying on the existence of a semigroup of solutions, we first establish the uniqueness of entropy admissible weak solutions to the Cauchy problem, under a mild assumption on the local oscillation of $u$ in a forward neighborhood of each point in the $t-x$ plane. In turn, this yields the uniqueness of weak solutions which satisfy a decay estimate on positive waves of genuinely nonlinear families, thus extending a classical result proved by Oleinik in the scalar case.

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Oleinik type estimates and uniqueness for n x n conservation laws
A. Bressan,
P. Goatin,
Publishing information:
To appear in J. Diff. Eq.
Revised version, October 11 1998.
Submitted by: December 11 1997.

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