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Boris Dobroborskiаа

doctor, the valid member of the international academy of ecology



Research of ways of achievement of the maximal sports results of the sportsmen

with the help of the computer program УLoqus 2003.1Ф



аааа The definition of the diagram and contents of trainings of the sportsmen, which ultimate goal, as a rule, is the achievement of the maximal sports result, is complex difficult enough and laborious process.

аааа The diagram and contents of trainings of the sportsmen is determined individually by consecutiveа approachedа of their importance to optimum, determined both dynamics of sports achievement of the sportsman, and intuition of the trainer based on his experience.а

аOne of the basic lacks of such method is the absence objective, metrological of the proved criteria of an estimation of a condition organism of the sportsman prior to the beginning training, in her process and during rest.

аThe researches, carried spent by us, in the field of an estimation of influence on organism of the man of various loadings and developed on their basis a new way realized in the computer program " Loqus 2003.1", have allowed to a certain extent to decide this problem.

аEssence of the developed way is the application as criterion of a quantitative estimation of loadings influencing on organism of the man, time of complete restoration of the functional shifts, caused by them.а

аUse of this criterion has supplied the decision of a problem of a commensurability of various loadings and various functional shifts among themselves.

аAnd it, in turn, has allowed on the basis of experimental data about dynamics of functional changes of a condition of organism of the sportsman before trainings, in their process and after them with the helpа of the computer program " Loqus 2003.1" to make accounts, as a result of which the diagram of trainings ensuring their peak efficiency can be determined.а

аThe specified accounts are made as follows.

аAs is known [а 5а ], law of changes of functional shifts during loadings and during rest look like, submitted on a fig. 1.


Fig. 1. The diagram of typical changes of functional shifts U

during loading (T1)and during rest (T2)


аааа Such kind of the diagram of changes of functional shifts is connected to properties organism to provide preservation of a condition of biological unstable balance at the expense of the appropriate feedback.

аааа Depending on character of loadings various functional shifts: frequency of intimate reductions, time of reactions for light and sound, tremor, arterial pressure, frequency light flashes, quantity adrenalinum in blood etc. are restored for various time.

аааа By the mathematical analysis of laws of restoration of various functional shifts depending on the loadings which have received the name structural, such ratio between duration and character of loadings is determined during trainings on the one hand both duration and character of rest with another, at which the maximal speed of improvement of sports achievement without risk of overloads and failures is achieved.

аааа The specified mathematical analysis includes construction multiparametrical of space from vector - physiological parameters, definition of necessary meanings(importance) of each of these vectors, at which the maximal speed of improvement of sports results will be achieved, and also the importance, list, duration of trainings and duration of rest, at which will be provided the mentioned above importance of vectors.аа

аааа On fig. 2 the example of such accounts is given.


Fig. 2 the Diagram of dependence of growth rate of sports results (curve 3) from importance

of a ratio loading - rest for biceps (curve 1) and muscles of a neck (curve 2)


аааа As it is visible from a fig. 2, at ratio loading - rest (curves 1 and 2), equal optimum (Uo), the growth rate of sports results achieves the maximal meaning.

аааа The researches have shown, that the application of this way allows also to calculate the short-term forecast of increase of sports results.

аааа Thus, developed way of a quantitative estimation of influence on organism of the man of various loadings and computer program " Loqus 2003.1" allow to calculate an optimum ratio of loading and rest at realization of trainings for achievement of the best sports result, that allows considerably to increase from efficiency.а


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ааааа The basic works and results of researches also are placed on a website www.interlibrary.narod.ru , section Ergonomic.аааааааа



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